Use Fluid to get the most out of your work day – whether you are leading a team, running a meeting, managing a project or tracking agile execution.

Work a better day with Fluid

Remote Ready WorkHubs

When you work in close proximity to each other you communicate all day, body language, small verbal queues, quick questions, headphones on. It’s a paradigm we are all familiar and Fluids all-in-one remote toolkit helps you adapt your processes and culture to take advantage of all the benefits while giving you a hub for work.

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Better Meetings

Your time is valuable - don't spend it in bad meetings! Fluid prompts all the simple behaviors that make meetings great – with automated follow ups and meeting reports that drive accountability and give you complete transparency on exactly who needs to do what, by when.

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Better Projects

Fluid provides all the building blocks for running great projects with features that can be turned on or off so you have only what you need and none of what you don't. From managing a simple health status through to complex project management and timesheeting - Fluid's intuitive, one-page project 'workspace' grows as you do with real-time, dynamic reporting for visibility of your portfolio like never before.

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