Remote Working Made Easy – with Fluid WorkHub

The easiest way to get a single view of who needs to do what by when across any ecosystem. Simply link all your team’s meetings, boards and projects to your WorkHub and Fluid will do the rest. AS YOUR WORKDAY EVOLVES, SO DOES FLUID Remote working is fast becoming the go-to strategy as employees are

Remote Teams Working from Home in 2020 – Wisdom from the Crowd

People have been working in offices as far back as ancient Rome. Professional individual workspaces emerged in the 1600’s-1800’s and the 1900’s saw the birth of open offices. All the knowledge, tools and skills we’ve built up over time, about how to work together, was predicated on us occupying the same space. In March 2020

4 Years of Managing Remote Teams – What I’ve Learned (the hard way)

You’ve found yourself as the manager of a fully remote team. Thanks to modern technology you’ve got it easy, all sorted – the team just gets on with work the way they always have. But wait, remote working isn’t just tasks, chat and video apps! Fluid has been a remote first company for the last

You’re Spending 11 Years of your Life in Unproductive Meetings

In theory, meetings are important. We use them to create opportunities for people to exchange ideas, discuss objectives and make decisions. The goal of a meeting is to get everyone on the same page and encourage ongoing productivity. And therein lies the irony. A common complaint, we at Fluid hear among professionals everyday, is that