Great Meetings produce great outcomes so why do we waste our time in bad ones?

Meetings are important, they provide opportunities to exchange ideas, discuss objectives and make decisions – with the goal of getting everyone on the same page and encouraging ongoing productivity. And therein lies the irony!

Why is it that a common complaint we hear among professionals today, is that their meetings get in the way of their productivity? If speed is the new currency of business, why are we spending up to 50%* of our time in unproductive meetings?

It’s no surprise when you dig into what’s actually happening here. Minutes and agendas from the meeting are distributed late; information is scattered across various sources such as email, notebooks, documents, action-trackers etc, added to which the management of meeting outcomes can be challenging and time consuming.



So rather than clarifying what needs to be done and increasing productivity, they can lead to the opposite – uncertainty on what has been agreed and confusion as to what happens next.

And then there’s the time wasted in between meetings, where we put work on hold and wait for the next meeting before we agree, approve or move work forward. We refer to.

Surely these ‘dead spots’ can’t be considered as ‘working smart’? In today’s fast paced environment, where people manage their work, family and lives, on the go and from any location and device, shouldn’t meetings naturally follow suit?

You need your teams to be able to constantly action and move projects forward rather than being hindered by the constraints of old-school meeting formats.

“We understand that meetings are the cornerstone of business collaboration but in their current form they can be in violation of common sense. They are probably the most broken process in today’s business world.”

Mark Kayser, Founder and CEO of

So how can this be resolved?

We understand the purpose of meetings – to bring people together and move your business forward – and so we have created a meetings-focused solution that enables this. The Fluid platform ensures total transparency and increases accountability from meetings.

Fluid has assessed the most common pain points before, during and after meetings and developed smart solutions to help guarantee productivity and effectiveness every step of the way. Here’s how.

7 in 10 people say their meetings are unproductive

Microsoft Office Personal Productivity Challenge (PPC), which drew responses from more than 38,000 people in 200 countries.

⏰ Save Time

When you create a meeting, do you default to 30 minutes or one hour? When scheduling a meeting, most people don’t give too much consideration to how long it really should be.

Are default meetings the biggest productivity fail of the 21st century?

Especially when studies show that speed-focused meetings generally result in better outcomes and faster decision-making.

Fluid helps you to stay on point and keep your meetings focused.

📨 Less Email

Did you know that on average around 40% of your email traffic is generated by meetings?

Liberate your inbox and keep the conversation and feedback in Fluid. Not only does this keep all conversation contextual, but also keeps it visible to everyone, so all meeting members are on the same page.

🔍 Visibility

It’s not easy to stay on top of who needs to do what and by when, especially when your team works remotely.  Fluid can show exactly what each team member is committed to across their projects and meetings.

Fluid takes the meeting out of the office and into your pocket, enabling you to meet and work no matter where your attendees are.

🤝 Accountability

You know you’re in a good meeting when everyone has a clear understanding of the objectives and required actions – we call this purpose-driven meeting. Fluid facilitates this, giving you a clear picture of the performance of each individual team member in real-time.

There is total transparency and therefore accountability across the whole team. Everyone knows exactly what they need to do and any pressure points, should they arise, can be resolved quickly thanks to the level of clarity Fluid’s meeting management provides.

Ordinarily, around 40% of actions from a meeting are completed on time. Fluid gives you the meeting analytics you need to help your meeting members achieve around 80% of their actions on time.

“Fluid ensures that everyone is on the same page. There’s total transparency and nowhere to hide! It ensures complete accountability as everything is right there. I just need to get on and do my job.”

NIC, Executive, ABSA Bank

With productivity flying high and meeting objectives being achieved, the knock-on effect is a sense of achievement for the whole team. This positivity snowballs and high levels of morale and motivation have a profound, positive effect on overall business success. After all, success breeds success!


So don’t let meetings get in the way of productivity.

Use Fluid to make sure your meetings are the foundation to success.

If you’d like to find out more about how we’re already helping businesses change the way they meet, drop me a message and I’d be more than happy to show you Fluid.


Get Started today and meet a better way, work a better day.