What is Fluid Meetings?

An all-in-one solution that helps you to maximise the value of every meeting.

Your time is valuable. Don’t spend it in ineffective meetings!
Fluid seamlessly integrates into your regular day-to-day meeting activity, facilitating clear objectives and complete certainty on what needs to happen next.

Work a better day, with Fluid.

Intuitive and simple to use

Integrate Meetings into your day without changing the way you work to enjoy a host of benefits.

Before every Meeting

Integrate Meetings into your day without changing the way you work to enjoy a host of benefits.

Improve preparation

Good preparation makes for great meetings! Fluid gets everyone on the same page with shared access to the agenda – and any required documents – ahead of time. 

Easy Scheduling

Invite Fluid to your meeting to have it automatically set up – with attendees, updates and reminders for a streamlined meeting process.

Collaborate and communicate – in context

Everything in Fluid automatically gets its own chat channel – so everyone has complete visibility of the discussion, contextually linked to what it is related to.

During every Meeting

Ensure everyone knows decisions and next steps. With Fluid you can capture, organise and instantly communicate your meeting outcomes.

Focused conversation

Enjoy more valuable discussion during meetings, maintaining focus on the key topics and keeping updates on point.

Automated minutes

Share your minutes within minutes. With one click you are able to distribute formatted minutes to everyone as soon as the meeting ends.  

Produce clear outcomes

Always leave your meetings knowing exactly what was agreed and what should come next. Assign actions and agree next steps as part of the conversation in the room so everyone is clear on who needs to do what by when.

After every Meeting

Streamline your meeting updates! Improved collaboration saves time on follow ups - and you always know the latest status of everything.

Immediate access to all your meeting info

Find what you need, when you need it at the click of a button. All your meeting agenda items, notes, actions and decisions, with status updates and historical conversation, is immediately accessible in one place. 

Less Email

Liberate your inbox! Keep the meeting discussion and updates in Fluid, and enjoy the benefit of having everyone aware of the conversation at all times.

Keep work moving forward

Don’t wait for the next session to ask for what you need. Assign actions and decisions directly from the meetings chat stream to keep the purpose of your meeting moving forward between sessions.

Better Feedback Loops

Make your meeting content available in real-time – with regular notifications and alerts, keeping meeting members aware of what needs to be done and by when. 

What gets measured, gets Done

Measure meeting performance to consistently improve your meeting effectiveness over time.

Get Started today and meet a better way,
work a better day.