Work is everywhere. No longer do we work Monday to Friday, 9-5, in an office. We balance our days and nights, weeks and weekends, work life and personal life. On top of that, our work is on multiple devices, platforms, formats, files, boards, etc.

Your Hub for Work

We've been working to solve the challenges of remote work - We call it WorkHub. Simply link all your team's meetings, boards and projects to your hub, Fluid will then keep you up to date with a combined view of the work.

No More Silos

We've erased the lines between your Meeting, Boards and Project Space. Now you can add any or all of your spaces into a WorkHub, and get a comprehensive view of everything you've added.

See your world in a new way

  • Dynamic

    You won’t find anything as powerful or collaborative as Fluid’s WorkHub. It really does simplify Remote Working, by binging all your work into one space.

  • Multiple WorkHubs

    You can build as many WorkHubs as you need for the multiple teams and stakeholders you work with.

  • Powerful Filter

    With WorkHub’s powerful filtering tool, you’re only ever a few seconds away from creating the perfect view of what’s really going on with a project you’re working on.

  • Relevant

    Add, edit, remove and link only the relevant parts of work (meetings, actions, decisions, minutes, clients, projects, boards and documents) that you need to see.

  • Only keep what you need

    When you’re done with a piece of work you can unlink it from the WorkHub, without deleting it from your broader Fluid ecosystem.

  • Share with Anyone

    Share your WorkHub with anyone in your team.