Two ways your PMO and project managers can free up capacity to deliver more with less

Corporate projects typically follow a framework that relies on 100’s of meetings to move projects forward. While the framework is sensible, have you thought about how much time it requires before, during and after the meetings?

It’s a consistent pain point in the project world, that eats up the vast majority of time – with loads of effort aligning calendars, building meeting packs and days in your inbox searching for information and chasing updates. Having observed this with our clients, over and over, we built Fluid to help you stay on top of this critical part of your project world. Here are two ways Fluid will free up capacity and deliver more with less.

1️⃣ Firstly, Fluid links your project and meeting worlds with real-time access, transforming point-in-time meetings into a workflow. This opens up your meetings to action, approve or decide important items at any time, not just the scheduled meeting slot.

2️⃣ Secondly, the time previously spent waiting on busy stakeholders can now be used to move your projects forward. Fluid reduces the dead-spots between meetings, the costly delays waiting for approvals and in some cases the need to meet at all!

In a nutshell Fluid enables you to do the following:

Digitise project meetings, improving task tracking and approval turnarounds

– Spend less time building meeting packs, updating templates and chasing information

– Push and pull data from your project system to you online meetings

– Open up and gain better lead indicators into your project and portfolio meeting eco-systems

Already Businesses and Organisations with over $500,000,000 of projects, 1000’s of meetings and 100,000’s tasks trust Fluid to deliver more with less…

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