Under the hood of our June 2020 release 🚀

Working a better day has never been easier, check out some of the new features we’ve delivered this month:

  • Navigation and content badging provide easy access to your Workhub, Board and Project information.
  • The new dialog makes it easy to update and review your work.
  • We’ve supercharged project and meeting templates giving you more tools for building your Word and PowerPoint reports.

This release is thanks to your feedback. Keep the great ideas coming – and don’t forget to upvote!

Coming Soon!

Metrics and Performance:
WorkHubs will soon see portfolio style metrics and reporting, aggregating all your work for a clear understanding of delivery cadence across all your activity in Fluid – as well as activity from your other board tools like Jira and Trello.

In our next release, we will be introducing Meeting Templates. Use Fluids standard templates, designed to incorporate all the little secrets that make running productive meetings simple – or easily create your own!